Types of Balloon Advertisement

The best type of advertising is when it causes positive emotions and makes people smile. Today, consumers are so overwhelmed with advertising so that they reluctantly take leaflets on the street. But with balloons situation is different. Many of us love them since childhood and even adult people can’t stay indifferent. In addition it is impossible to hide a balloon in a pocket or throw it away into the trash as it often happens with promotional literature, so once taken a balloon stays in sight with you logo on. That’s why balloon advertisement is so popular nowadays.

Taking a balloon with advertising from a smiling promoter, a person unwittingly becomes a distributor of advertising. While an individual travels with a balloon in the transport or walks with it along the street, an advertising logo will attract attention of many passers-by and some of them may be interested in your products. And what is also great about these little orbs is that they are inexpensive and every business can afford a custom balloon. That’s why they are so popular in marketing and advertisement.

balloon advertisemnt

And here are some of the venues for which you can use balloon advertisement :

Trade shows and fairs

For many people trade shows and especially fairs are associated with something joyful and interesting. And balloons just fit perfectly into this conception. They are able to make any display fresh, fun and attractive. Do not think that balloons will look organic only with businesses oriented for kids. In fact any business can adopt balloons for their presentation – just imagine stylish matte balloons with your corporate colors and your logo on and you will understand how powerful this marketing tool can be.

Balloon shower

Balloon drops can be met not only on New Year’s Eve or weddings. Marketers have noticed how much positive emotions such ‘waterfalls’ can bring. And as we already know that the goal of every marketing campaign is to make such emotions work for promotion. So any big indoor or outdoor promotional even can put balloon drops to use. The crowd will be ecstatic and it provides a wonderful opportunity to demonstrate your logo.

Fundraising events

Maybe a balloon itself has no great value, but for people who donate money for charity it can be one more precious opportunity to demonstrate that they do something valuable and important for other people. And maybe one simple balloon can encourage more people to donate and help other.

ballons at a parade


Who doesn’t like parades? They bring so much joy and excitement. Even after these events people keep pleasant memories about what they have seen and heard. Your brand can be one of such things if you don’t miss a chance to demonstrate your logo to the audience utilizing balloon advertisement. Balloons can be used as elements of decoration on the floats, or they can be distributed in the crowd.


Forget about boring invitation cards or even more boring online invitation. Who said that everybody should invite guests in the same traditional way? If you want to stand out inviting people to your party or dinner balloons will come to rescue. Balloons with all the details of an event (date, time, address) will surely bring the element of surprise to the upcoming event.

bank opening


Whether it is a simple balloon arch framing the entrance to your shop or store, or you organize a whole event presenting your grand opening, balloons can become indispensable elements of such an occasion important for any business.

Open houses

If you are a real estate agent and you want to draw attention of potential buyers to a house balloons can help with that. Just decorate the entrance, porch or a lawn of a house with balloons, or install them into areas with good traffic and they will work on attractive attention to your message


As we see balloon advertisement can take different forms and can be used at a wide range of events. And as a bonus such an advertisement can make people feel positive emotions.

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